Publish a video - Video is flickering or in bad quality

Apr 01, 2020


I wanted to publish a video for an app instruction.

Therefore, I recorded all necessary content on an iPad (screen recording) in an MP4 format. I inserted the movie into Storyline 360 as well as a separate audio file and aligned the audio file (movie file was not edited within storyline) to the movie-file.

Afterwards, I published as a 'video' and used the suggested Dimensions and selected the video quality to be 'very high'. The quality of the movie which was created was very poor. It was very blurry!

After some research on these forums, I created a new project and imported the movie-file again but changed the 'Compression' to 'None' in the Video Options (before it was set to Automatic). Again, I aligned the audio file and published the as video with the same settings as the previous one.

This the time, the published video was sharp (good quality) but it was flickering – meaning it jumps back and forth (like a DJ does with the disks) – instead of a steady flow. The movie-file I inserted has 43 fps, whereas Storyline convert everything to 30fps when publishing.


Is there a chance to either increase the quality of the video (when Compression 'Automatic' is selected) to have a 'sharp' result or a way to adapt the FPS when importing the video in order to avoid the flickering? If you have any other suggestion to solve this issue, I am happy to hear them.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi CabinTraining!

I'm sorry you're hitting this snag where the screen recordings from an iPad are blurry when publishing to Video, but I'm happy to help!

I tested this exact scenario on my end and saw the same outcome. I created a screen recording using an iPhone and imported it as an mp4. Next, I published the course for a Video. Unfortunately, my screen recording was quite blurry.

I changed the settings in the Size and Quality section in Publish and it didn't look like any combination changed the blurriness. This gives me confirmation that the resolution of screen recordings on an iPhone or iPad is specific to iOS devices, so the resolution is compromised when importing it to a Storyline course. 

Here is a quick workaround I'd recommend:

  • Add a button on a slide, and add this trigger. This will make sure the user still sees the video but the resolution isn't compromised. 


Again, I apologize for the trouble! If I think of any other workarounds I'll make sure to share them here.

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