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Richard Watson


The approach I used was to delete a batch of slides from near the end of your course, test publish. If it still crashed, I deleted more slides and tested again. After about 3 attempts, I was able to narrow it down to a range of slides. At that point, I added a few slides back in each time and published until I identified the bad slide. A little laborious but it worked.



Katie Riggio

Hello there, Roger!

Great question. There isn't really a typical file size for a Storyline course, as it all depends on how much media is used and your computer's processing power.

Now the recent crashes worry me–especially when you have projects to finish! This is definitely something our Support Engineers want to help with and pull a few system logs for. Would you be willing to work closely with the team here?

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Roger. Thanks for circling back, and we really appreciate that!

I've opened a case on your behalf so we can dive right in. Keep an eye out for a confirmation email and an email from the team shortly. I'll follow along!

In the future, you can start a conversation with our Support Engineers by clicking this link!