Publish dialog box won't show in Storyline 360

Has anyone faced issue with publish dialog? I am struggling to publish courses with the publish dialog box sometimes taking ages to show up, sometimes won't show up at all and sometimes it would appear and work seamlessly. The moment I click publish I see busy pointer and it would stay like that for long. I tried rebooting machine, tried using Storyline on different computers and different ISPs too! This is happening for me since past week.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Sandeep,

Sorry to hear you're running into intermittent issues while trying to publish. Are you experiencing this in the same file, or have you experienced this using multiple files?

You mentioned you've restarted your computer, but have you tried a fresh install of Storyline to see if that helps?

Ensure you have all the right system requirements, and if you confirmed that, connect with a support engineer to take a closer look and see what may be causing the lag in Storyline!