Publish Error (see Image) - No response to submitted Case #01137550

Sep 20, 2017

I cant figure out what the publish issue is. Have tried creating a new storyline file, and copied in slides from old file. Does not work.  Any suggestions?

Is anyone having trouble hearing back from Articulate? My case has been in since 2 on Monday, and I have not heard anything back,  which is more than their 24 hour turn around time.  

Popup I receive


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Keith Donnan

Here is the solution - provided by Jean-Guy Boulay

The error was due to there being 6 master slides in the course, two being used by slides.  The two master slides being used were identical.

 To fix the issue,

  1. I selected all the slides from the slide view
  2. Right clicked
  3. Selected Apply Layout
  4. Picked the one layout we needed.
  5. Clicked View in the pull down menu at the top
  6. Clicked Slide Master
  7. Right clicked on the unneeded slide masters, and selected Delete Master.
  8. Saved the course, and published it without issue.
Crystal Horn

Hi there, Keith. I just sent you a reply to your case, and then we found your discussion.

First, I'm sorry that it took more than a business day to get back to you. We've had some growth with Articulate 360, and that means more folks are reaching out to our support team.

I found that the question bank slides 11 through 15 were causing issues, so perhaps those were the ones that were using the twin master layouts. I'm glad that you found the common denominator and that it worked for you!

Please let us know, either here or in the case, if we can do anything else to help!

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