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We have publish several courses for LMS and Web and our now wondering what the best way to publish for a user that will download the content.

If I sell a course with 6 lessons and want the buyer to download directly from my site.  what would be the best method to publish the lessons?

would they have to download all lessons separately?  

Is it possible to create a publish button that launches each lesson?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sven,

The courses won't be downloaded by will play within their browser from the LMS or web server where you had hosted them. If you want them to download and be able to play it locally I'd look at publishing for CD as described here and then sharing a zipped copy of the published output with them - perhaps that is what you load up on your web site. 

If I'm misunderstanding what you'd like to do, perhaps you could share a bit more information here with us and others in the community could weigh in on how they've shared content as well. 

sven  seco

Currently our customers are able to buy an online program (membership) and take lessons.  We track completion with other software.  The program cost is much higher if compared to selling just one topic (lesson). I was hoping to publish a lesson into an executable that could be sold for individual download.  It would need to be simple, ideally just one file that contains all the data that also works as an executable to launch a lesson on MAC or PC.  The download to CD creates a folder that my be too complicated for certain users. This would allow students to take the file with practice on a laptop if no wifi is available. Sven

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sven,

All of our published output will include multiple files and folders that will all need to be included for the user to access the courses. As for the CD output, you could instruct them to launch the file that is labeled as Launch_Story.exe although it won't work on a Mac as it cannot run that file type. 

I'll defer to the community at this point for any additional best practices!