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Hi all,

I have the following problem when I create a course  for ipad. Everything seems to work fine. I can download the course and play it to ipad. I have done all the changes needed in order to be able to see the course offline. When I download the course  for first time and ask to be able to see it offline, if I close the internet connection, everything works fine. Even if I close the articulate app and open it again there is no problem with the content of the course. The problem is that if I turn ipad off and on again, when I try to access the content of the course I cannot see any web object that is in the course (I have a video that is included as web object) - everything else works fine. I should download the course again in the ipad for the web objects to play. Any suggestion?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Vassiliki,

Your web objects within the course might be seen as temp files like in windows and when you restart your iPad it's cache will clear.

This article also goes on about how different apps have different cache settings as well. I will see if I can find any info on the Articulate app on what the defaults might be and whether you can change it.

If you are able to store your web objects directly on your iPad while making sure your file pathways (file locations) point to the new location and you might not have that problem anymore.

Hope this helps. More info to come.


Adrian Dean

Hi Vassiliki,

This one should help you:

Here are some threads you can use for reference as well:

This one deals with the issues you are dealing with, although it appears his iPad was still connected to wifi.

This one deals with running your storyline files from dropbox from your iPad.

This next one should be the most helpful of all of them

Hope this helps you as well,


Vassiliki Bouki

Hi Adrian,

I did look at the address you suggest. everything works fine. I tick the options and put the slider to 'yes'. I download the course for offline view and in works fine. The problem is that when I turn off the ipad and start it again, the course does not show the web objects. Everything else plays correctly (sound, markers, etc) but where there are videos as web object a white box appears and nothing else. When I double click on it, the box becomes black but again nothing happens - the video does not paly.

Many thanks again,