Publish for Job Interview

I have created a scene in Storyline 2 for a job interview.  I am currently a teacher trying to switch to an Instructional design position.  I want to be able to show that even though I was unfamiliar with the technology 2 days ago that I can learn new techniques quickly.  So the product is just a sample, nothing I want to be published for anyone other than the interviewer.  How should I do it?  Publish and download the app for my IPAD?  Should I put it on articulate online and retrieve it from there in the interview? Suggestions needed!!!

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Brian Dennis

Good luck on the interview. If your SL content doesn't include javascript I might suggest running things from your ipad. Publish for CD, then copy all output folders and files to your ipad. Launch the story_html5.html at the top of published file set. Naturally you'll be trying this out well before your interview. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gretchen,

If you're publishing for web you may also want to look at uploading it to a temporary web server, since as one of those mentioned here. Testing and viewing the published output locally is known to cause some difficulty as you'll see even with the most recent update to Flash player 23.