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Sep 09, 2014


I'm trying to publish my training module to the web in order to have it reviewed by my coworkers. At this point, I don't need to know who's doing the course and what's their result.

I've entered my FTP credentials but after that the only thing I see online is the name of the file I published. Am I missing a step?

If there is an other solution to publish the course online or to share it with someone who doesn't have an Articulate license please let me know!



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Emily Ruby

Hello Katia and Allison,

Since you added your FTP credentials, and it did not work, I would suggest reading this article, and try some of the free options listed to share your files. Also, please make sure you are using the story.html link to play the file.

Here is a tutorial about publishing for the Web.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Allison Graham

thanks for the info - but the problem is these tutorials stop short of giving the full answer! there are several tutorials but none of them actually walk you through the code to put it on a website - I even got the wordpress plug in that was promising but the file is too large for it's max. After 4.5 hours of working on just trying to get this onto the web, feeling pretty annoyed by the program. That is time I should have spent working on the program. this tutorial doesn't solve the problem and nor does customer chat. :(

Nicola Appel

Hi Katia and Allison,

I hope I understand your problem correctly.

It sounds like your files are already on the server (via FTP). When you publish for web you get a folder with several files and subfolders in it - please make sure that all these files and subfolders are on the server.

By default the HTML files get named "story.html" or "story_html5.html". These are the files you link to (including your server address of course).

Hope I was able to help


Mary Kennedy

Can you help me - I want to publish my elearning course (storyline) to my website and I want user to be able to enrol and pay then use the course then download a certificate... is there software you can recommend for all this?

I know I can publish the course to the web but its the rest of it that I need.. I don't want to use an outside LMS company


Allison Graham


the piece you are likely missing - as I was and spent 6 hours trying to get yesterday is the code (hidden in one off site blog post!) that will let you publish from your ftp site with ease. having this code available would have saved lots of time! put this in the "text side of your wordpress post and voila, you have a storyline!

There is also an upload the zip folder to wordpress plug in - it is great cause you don't need the ftp - however, there seems to be a 65mb size file cap either through the plug in or through wordpress (my server /hosting company has no cap) and my half done program is 75.5 mb meaning I can't use it. :(

Katia Bourgault

HI ,

I have to agree with Allison, the tutorial walks you trough all the steps before you click on OK. But once you've press that button you are left to yourself...

I will try to use one of the free options listed in the article Emily shared and hopefully it will work!

I have one comment to make. So far, all the tutorials were very helpful and made it sort off easy to create content. Now that I'm close to be done, I feel like I need to hire someone else to publish it for me as I do not seem to understand how it works.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Have you reviewed the directions here on how to FTP (it says Presenter, but the directions are the same)? If you're unable to use the Articulate FTP feature, you may be able to use a third-party FTP client, such as FileZilla or I use one called Cyberduck - but both allow you to select the output folder and include all the contents of that.

Embedding the content into a site such as Wordpress or similar will involve code such as that mentioned in this thread. You'll also see there is a Wordpress plugin mentioned in that site, which you're welcome to use to easily load your content up.

I hope that helps clarify things a bit, and if you need any additional help, please feel free to let us know.

Rob Billiau

If you are just trying to get it up so someone can review it, I recommend using Google Drive. It's super simple, and once you have the link you can share it out to anyone. 

Here is the link to do this:

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