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Hey guys! I have a question about publishing to send as a .zip file. I have read a few articles on it and I still can't quite seem to get it right. I have about 10 different projects that I need to publish and zip for a dropbox folder. Usually, I publish my courses for web and create a link for them, but this request is for the actual course. I have Storyline 2, so I read that the best way was to publish for CD, and simply zip the file and then have the recipient extract the files and view the "launch" one to see the project. Unfortunately this has not worked. How can I publish these and provide a .zip file for someone to view?

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Walt Hamilton

What exactly kind of "didn't work" happened?

If publishing for the web works for you, publish for the web, zip, and send. Whether or not it works depends somewhat on the technical expertise of the recipient, but if they can find where they downloaded it, extract the files, and click on the story.html files, it should all work.

I send files for review that are published for CD, and send a .bat file to start them. In this example, it was a file named Urology 1 - Kidneys and Ureters. SL published it in a folder named "Urology 1 - Kidneys and Ureters - Storyline output" . I created this .bat command:

start "" "\Urology 1 - Kidneys and Ureters - Storyline output\launch_story.exe" /min

and saved it as a text file with the .bat extension. I zip the bat file (Urology 1.bat) and the Urology folder. When they are extracted, the user double clicks Urology 1, and it all runs.

It seems complicated, but my reviewer doesn't go plowing through a lot of folders and subfolders gladly, and sometimes strange things happen to links when files are transported from one part of our network to another.