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Nov 06, 2017



I'm using SL2 to create and publish my courses on LMS (EDoceo).

When I publish, I tick the HTLM5 box. But some users are experiencing difficulties when viewing the courses on PC and/or mobiles devices (on Chrome). It says "Adobe Flash Player is out of date". 

Is there anything I can do so that Flash isn't mandatory to view the courses ?

I know Flash is going to disappear soon...




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marie!

Google introduced a new security feature in Chrome 56 that blocks Flash content unless you give it permission to play. As a result, Google Chrome may instruct you to Right-click to run Adobe Flash Player when you launch Storyline and Studio courses.

If you're seeing a message that Flash player is out of date, you'll want to update your version of Flash. Then, follow the instructions to right-click the screen and allow the Flash content to run.

You can help learners avoid this issue altogether by bypassing the Flash output and launching the HTML5 course directly. Just link to the story_html5.html file in your published output. 

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