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Dec 21, 2012

Hope you will be able to help out here - We have a problem to ensure that our story will show correctly.

Our goal is to make sure that our couse will be shown correctly at screens above 1024*768

Our LMS platform i JoomlaLMS.

We write the course in Articulate Storyline, Design 640*480. The player options is set to:

Resize browser to fill screen

Launch player i new window

Display window with no browser controls

Allow user to resize browser

and we have tried to publish the course with and without htlm5

When importing the scorm packet (1,2) it is imported to open in a squeezebox window

The size of the window is set to 950*600

As long as the browser it is shown on do not have menuline, favoriteline, commandline, statusline shown, and the zoom is set to 100% it fits very well into a 1024*768 screen.

But too many customers can not see the JoomlaLMS close button. I happens when using an old computer with max. resolusion 1024x768, and som of the obove lines or zoom is set on the users browser.

My research tels me, that we need to take control over the menu, favorite, command and statusline and the zoom as well.

Is that possible?

Firste: Is a screen shot of the course shown on a HD screen i 1024*768 mode. Even setting alle lines most of the close button will still be shown.

Second: A screen shot of the course shown on a HD screen in 800x600 mode. Browser 70%

Third: A Screenshot of the course shown on a HD screen in  800x600 mode. Browser 100%. As it shows no navigations controls af shown - neigther scorm controls or JoomlaLMS controls. The slidebars right and bottum are not to be slided - the will automatically go back to original position when trying to slide them.


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Per Norsten

I already did that, but was asked to get support from the deliver of Scorm packets.

I thought that was right, while in Storyline there is  many parameters to set up.

 It seems as if I am between two chairs here, so in a try to come throug, I would really like some more details abluit the parametes I am able to set i storyline. 

I feel I need more detailed information what each of the paremeters are intended to do. I.e. when setting storyline to open in a new window witout controls - why do I then still have the IE menus, favorites etc.

So really - as I see the issue - I set parameters in storyline without knowingt exactly what to expect of the settings. I recognise that I do not get the wanted result, when publishing on LMS. It is hard to feel sure about where to correct the problem.

So I would really like you to help me out a little bit more.

br Per

Per Norsten

Yes, We use a fixed hight and with (950*600) Has tried several others, but this seems to be the best.

In the JoomlaLMS we don't have possibility to control the browsers controls and menus - it is only a possibility in Articulate storyline, but does not seem to have any influence on my published result.

We have considered amd tested to open file in a lightbox (squeezebox window), but that seems to result in even more problems.

Per Norsten

Now using most of the day, the best solution seems to be Articulate Storiline Size 600*450 - in a JoomlaLMS squeezebox at 860x570 - but - It is useless on an I-Pad 2

If I use 620 for height and 940 for width, I will not be able to see all of the slide on IPAD, and close button will be invisible on MSIE when users commandline, statusline, favoritline and menuline is on.

Seems as if it is nessasary to go total different way if we shall obtain any succes.

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