Publish problem


I have created a course in "storyline 360" when I published the course on the platform and I did the tests from different browsers on my computer, everything is fine, but another person did the test from their computer and some letters don't appear and the font family does't correspond.

I apologize for my english

Thanks for your help


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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Lizeth!

No apologies from you ☺️I'm really sorry to hear a learner is seeing that font issue. Let's see if we can find a trend here:

  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • What browser(s) is the learner using?

I see you also opened a support case where my teammate, Gerald, is ready to dig into your .story  file so we can take a closer look! Here's the unique upload link from your case to share it privately with him.

Gerald is standing by, and I'll also follow along in your case!