Publish Properties - Formats option does not display (Using Storyline 3)


I have a 3 slide presentation that I am trying to publish to LMS and I don't understand what I've done wrong? (Note, slide 2 has a 25-minute video.)

I've attached a screenshot of what the formats should be, vs what they are now. I don't know what I've done and I don't know how to fix it. 

I'd qualify myself as a somewhat novice to midlevel user and may have many more questions but let's start with the Publishing Properties. 

As it stands, I did try publishing this to our LMS but it is returning a score of '0'  and/or 'passed/suspend'. I've watched the tutorials and searched the forum and haven't come close to finding an answer. I hope this knowledgeable community can give me some insight. 

Thank you and appreciated.

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