Publish to CD not working with swf files

Apr 17, 2019

I have a course created with several swf files embedded.  These play fine when published to articulate review (flash with HTML fallback) but when I publish to CD each slide just shows a grey bar saying swf.  There are no options to specify flash when publishing as a CD.  I checked in the published folder and would have expected to find my swf files in the story content folder but they are not there.  I tried copying and pasting a file in but the player still just showed a grey bar. 


This was not an issue with SL2

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Kevin McBride

Thanks Crystal.  To say I'm disappointed doesn't really cover it.  There seems to be a lot of the functionality that worked well in storyline 2 that has been lost in 360.  Animations that worked seamlessly in SL2 now look clunky in 360 and now it turns out that I can't publish to flash. To make matters worse these things work in review so it's not till you publish that you realise that 360 can't cope.

In addition it is not possible to copy work created in 360 back to storyline 2 where my content would not be an issue.

I know that flash is on the way out however it suited the project that I am working on perfectly. Many large organisations still use IE where my material would run without issue.  Given that the future hasn't quite arrived yet would it not have made sense to give users the option of html5 or Flash as you did with SL2?

If I republish all of the swf files in html5 format it isn't clear how I embed them as video within a slide.  I used Captivate to record a number of simulations.  In SL2 I would then embed the swf file as a video but this doesn't seem to work with the HTML file.

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