Publish to HTML5 vs Flash

We are planning on setting up an eLearning website for a particular content to sell courses online.  So, please excuse the “noobie” question.

Why you would not publish to HTML5 all the time vs Flash?  It would be ideal for the user to take the course with all of the feature of Storyline 360 right within the browser (especially for mobile devices) vs on the mobile device having to install a separate player.

Are there some features not published when going to HTML5 vs Flash?


Thank you very much.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

No apologies necessary! 

It may be shocking to hear, but some users still rely on older browsers which are capable of playing HTML5, but won't play it to the same standard as an updated browser such as Chrome. In those scenarios if you published for HTML5 first/Flash fall back - the course would play but not well. So those users can publish for Flash first/HTML5 fall back and users who view it in a browser such as IE8 will still have a great experience. 🙂 

For mobile devices, we'll default to the HTML5 output, and there isn't a requirement to use a special player unless you select for the Articulate Mobile player. If you enable that, and a users accesses it on a device that supports it they'll see that prompt to download or open in the player.

This article has a great comparison of how different features will behave in HTML5, Flash and the AMP. 

Parthiv Dave

Hi Ashley

Apart from IE8 and 9, which are other browsers, where HTML5 works but the package can run into some problem?

We want to move with HTML5 only output for our Moodle LMS, as previously when we had SL2(Flash/HTML5), it was causing a problem for us, as several users were getting a blank screen instead of the package. That means it wasn't falling back to flash properly and several times our IT support had to update flash player on their computer(although current Flash version was already above 10.0 on those PCs) to make the package work.

Now we have SL3, is there is a way where browsers with half HTML5 support shows a message "Your browser doesn't support HTML5 completely, upgrade now " when someone tries to load it, instead of loading the package?

We had enough headaches with flash in past while using SL2, so we want to go for HTML5 only.

SL = StoryLine


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Parthiv,

If you're using Storyline 3, the following browsers are fully supported to display HTML5 content:  Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), and Safari (latest version).

If you're concerned that your learners will use browsers that are not on the list above, you could share a message at the beginning of your course that says, "For the best experience, use one of these web browsers while viewing this course."

I hope that helps!