Publish to Tin Can but Wrap in SCORM1.2

Anyone out there attempting to publish your Storyline course as Tin Can but then wrap that package in a SCORM1.2 API to communicate back to LMS? 

Our LMS doesn't support xAPI yet. So I'm trying to publish the course as Tin Can to send to our LRS but also report Completion, Scores, etc.  back to our LMS. The course will be hosted on the LMS. Any one have success doing that or know of a solution?

Many thanks!

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Dave - 

When constructing your actor string, the script might not be pulling the name properly from HTML5 output. In Chrome, when running your SCO click the address bar then hit CTRL-SHIFT-I. The console will probably display the error that is stopping up the script. 

The error is likely kicking up when you are pulling the student name from the LMS to form up the agent. This works great in Flash:


var username=lmsAPI.GetStudentName();

In HTML5, I've seen this fail. Few ways I've dealt with this. First is simply to set it up this way:

var username=GetStudentName();

If this fails to work in Flash, then a conditional should get it:


var username;

if(typeof lmsAPI.GetStudentName=="function"){





Dave willingham

Thanks for the quick reply, Steve. I was hopefully but there were no errors
in the console. I'm console.logging the URL with the endpoint and other
parameters and everything looks good. I didn't even a username variable in
the lms.js file.

Any other recommendations? I'm really stuck here. Again, I'm publishing to
both SCORM and TinCan and then setting tincan to True and copying over the
tincan.xml file to the package. Works great in Flash but no tincan
statements being sent using HTML5 version. SCORM is still being tracked in
HTML5 version.

Many thanks!