Publish to Video

I have a Storyline 360 file which is 77,107 kb in size.  I cannot get this to publish to a Video. I have tried changing the size and quality.   It has published to a Scorm package no problem. I have checked all the triggers in the slides and they are all fine.   Is there a limit to the file size for publishing to a video?  Any help here would be appreciated.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Cathy!

Thank you for providing these details!

We don't have a maximum file size but the maximum duration for a published video is two hours. 

Have you tried publishing to Review 360? If so, did you hit any snags?

Lastly, would you mind sharing the file with me? I'll test it on my end and see how we find a fix! You can share it with me by using this private upload link.