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I wanted some assistance in publishing to web please.

What I am aiming for is to use articulate and embed a presentation into our intranet page. I know that you are able to publish the course via the web, and our intranet page allows us to use external links. Once I've published the course, the options are HTML, Zip etc - how do I copy the link on to your intranet page for staff to view the presentation on the web please?


P.S. - I am using Articulate storyline but not online.

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Steve VE


If you publish to Web, files are created on your computer. If you click the Open button in the Publish Successful dialog you will see them. You need to upload these files to your web site server and link to the "story.html" file. For example:

Hope that helps.

Leslie McKerchie

Looks like Steve has popped in to assist you here Nadilah.

For you, or anyone else that may run across this thread, here is the documentation:

If you need to give learners access to a standalone course via the Internet or an intranet, and if you don't need to track their progress, then web publishing is your best option. Here's how to publish a course for web deployment.