Publish to web, LMS and CD?

Hello All,

Could someone give me the quick and dirty on publishing to web, LMS and CD?  I have tried all three methods and had success running my projects.  However, I am running into issues with accessing hyperlinked PDFs within the project.   

When running the project in web, nothing happens when I click on hyperlinked PDFs.  (I've tried to move the PDF files to the root where the story.html file is and no luck.)

When running the project in LMS published format,  hyperlinked PDFs open in a new window, sometimes.  I say sometimes because I tried publishing the project to a network drive, flash drive and locally.  It seems that the only way is to publish to My Articulate Projects folder and run it from there.  

When running the project in CD, I have no issues.    

I'd like to zip the project and share it over Dropbox.   Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong or why the hyperlinks don't function properly?


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Mike Enders


Opening up a PDF resource runs into a local browser security restrictions on your machine.

If you are testing your course locally after you've published to web, the PDF won't typically open (sometimes FireFox will allow it, but Chrome and IE won't). However, if you post your course to the web and then run it, it will open the PDF.

The CD option should work locally as it bypasses the local restrictions by launching a new browser window.  Hope this helps!