Publish to word, how to stop main layer printing on other layers?

When I publish from the most recent version of Storyline to Word 2013, the main layer prints on top of the subsequent layers. I don't see any settings to resolve this. I am checking 'Print Layers' when I publish. In the project, the main layer text/photos are hidden on subsequent layers. This issue only appears when I publish to Word. How can I fix this? 

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Chris Barnett

Hi everyone!  I have been struggling with this issue since being initiated on Storyline a few months back and was relieved to EASILY find a thread of comments with exactly the same issue (at least it's not just me!).  I have been using the same workarounds (mainly the screen-shot option, but I do it from my "Preview" function within Storyline rather than publishing another file).  The emphasis here is that it is a WORKaround: this is very time intensive since I love creating multiple and complicated layers :)  I, too, use a published Word doc as a way to get feedback from pilot testers, content experts, etc. since they can easily use Word's Track Changes functionality.  I also export to a Word doc (then to pdf) to create a printable handout attached as a Resource for any learners who prefer to follow along with paper.  I'm surprised and disappointed to see this has been an identified problem for Articulate's QA team for over a year, with the last post over 5 months ago.  That's not what I've come to expect from the outstanding support here. With so many obviously afflicted, it would seem this could take higher precedent in the queue :(  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing here. I am guessing you're using Storyline 1 when publishing to Word? It is something we've shared with our team, but I don't have any updates at this time. I haven't heard as many folks using Storyline 2 who have run into the same type of issues, so you may want to look at testing out a course within the trial set up and see if that behaves as you'd like. 

In the  meantime you'll have to continue to utilize the workaround until we hear additional information from our QA Team. 

diane clark

I agree this situation has been ongoing and very frustrating.  In addition, I have an issue with the base layer content appearing when I try to preview my slide layers. To have to do the workaround to hide base layer content you don't wnat to see on the finished slide is time consuming, adds to the size of the file and not a very efficient way to operate. HELP!

diane clark

This is what I'm talking about (see attached). When I preview the slide the base layer bleeds through. It's probably a setting that I'm missing but I can't find it. I've used a storyline template so I'm not sure what's causing this issue. My work around has been the same as folks have used in the exporting to word process by creating white boxes to cover the base layer content on the subsequent slide layers.

Not efficient, increases the file size and very time consuming. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.  I've added the attachment.

diane clark

I've modified slide 3.3 to hide the overlap. The issue is displayed on slide 3.4. Sorry I should have clarified that I copied the slide and removed the white boxes that hid the text.

I appreciate your attention to this as I'm in the middle of developing this course and would prefer not to have to work around the issue.

If you can take a look at slide 3.4 (which displays the issue I'm dealing with) and let me know if you see the issue that would be great.

Darcy McGaffic

Checking in to see if the issue of multiple layers showing when publishing to Microsoft Word has been solved somehow. I have attached a .story file and a Word document for your review.

Because we have to provide these words docs to reviewers, our workaround is to build a slide for each layer, and build triggers that jump to the specific slides instead of showing layers, but then we lose the visited state of each button because the users may click out of order. - Some points - I'm working in Storyline 2, publishing to my local drive, etc

Lauri Cox

Is there an update on this issue?  It is very frustrating to have this happen when I need to send multiple proof to a team so they can edit.  I cannot add a background to most of my slides to block out the base image and it would ruin the look and feel of the course.  I find it hard to believe that this has not been addressed yet.