Publish to Word in Storyline - Scenes out of order

Oct 25, 2012


I have several scenes in Storyline.  Of course, the scenes have been "moved" around (meaning Scene 1 is not the first scene viewed  by the user - it might end up being the 5th scene, and so on).  When we publish it to Word for review, the scenes show up in numerical order so now we have to edit the Word document to show the appropriate flow.

I can't find any way that allows me to publish to Word in the proper order.  Again, it's only allowing me to publish to Word showing the default scene "numbers".

Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks..


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Dave LeFevre

The problem with David's solution is that it breaks the links to anything in that scene. I tried it, for example, with a main menu that links to several different sections. I wanted them in order for easy review and to help people localizing better understand the flow. But after I paste, I have to go back and fix all the broken links in the main menu. Really wish the numbering could be changed like the name or at least using drag and drop.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave, 

I'm not sure I understand what's happening with your file, when you move scenes around, the triggers within say scene 1 to link to a slide in scene 1 are not longer active? That sounds like odd behavior and something we'd want to take a look at. If you're describing how a link from scene 1, set to link to the next scene (which is originally 2) is then broken based on you moving scene 3 before scene 2 as David described, that sounds as to be expected. If I'm misunderstanding and you're able to share your Storyline file here with us, we're happy to take a look.

Also, I know I've seen a few users discussing here in the forums how they'd like more functionality over the slide/scene numbering and if you'd like to see something like that as well please share your thoughts with our development team by submitting a feature request.  Our team keeps track of all these and how many are submitted for a particular feature, and that helps them in determining what to focus on for future updates and releases. 

Scott VanDeKeere

The easiest solution to this -- just figured it out today -- is to publish it to Word, then open the Navigation Pane in Word. The pages will display with each scene showing as a header.  Grab the scene header in the Navigation Pane and drag it to the proper sequence.  It will pull all the content for the scene with it.  A lot faster than cutting and pasting content within the document.  It does not renumber the headings but at least they display and print in the correct sequence.  I suppose you could add in page numbers to the Word document to keep everything sequentially organized for your reviewers.

Preston Wells

Thanks Scott!  This has been great advice.

My storyboard is set up in a non-linear format as it allows the adult learner to determine where they want to go (which allows the course to be used as Performance Support).  But because Storyline doesn't allow you to rearrange scene order if you aren't the next buttons for a natural progression, you can't rearrange the scene order or create a view in Storyline to support my non linear approach.  I can deal with that during design, but my SME reviewers would get lost - so I need to put it in a linear format for the review session.  

This is the best solution for now...I would love to see an enhancement here!


Lyra Noble
Hi, Lauren. Is there an update for your "Here's how to do that!" link? When I click on it, I get a 404 Page Not Found error. Thank you!
Lauren Connelly

Hi Leah!

We've added different options for rearranging the slides! The easiest way is by using the Player.

Have you tried rearranging the slides in the Player? Here's how to do that!