Published Content Loading Slow

I have built a course with custom navigation buttons. When I test on scorm cloud or on our LMS, each page seems to load slowly. When the user clicks the next button, they get the spinning loading icon which lasts for a few seconds. 

Upon further investigation, it seems as if the problem is the navigation buttons. If I delete the buttons and turn on the normal slide navigation controls, it runs fine. When I try to run the course using my custom navigation, it runs slow.  I do not understand why, since my nav button is just a shape, with text, and the standard "jump to next slide" triggers attached to it.

Any thoughts that would cause this issue?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Eric!

Thanks for allowing me to test your file. I published for LMS and hosted the output on SCORM Cloud--here's the link I used for testing. 

When I tested the file in Chrome (Storyline 2's only supported HTML5 browser), I saw an occasional spinning wheel, but only for about half a second. 

Could you test that link in Chrome and let me know if you see any improvement from the file you published?