Published course in LMS not being recognised as complete


I am a complete novice and need some major help. My LMS provider has done all they can to try and help and have given up on me.

I have created a course in AS1 for our staff, with a quiz at the end, set at 80% pass mark. In order to gain certification for the course & obtain a certificate of completion, they have to achieve 80% or higher on the quiz. As far as I can see all the completion rules in the AS1 file are correct.

I have previously published the file as a SCORM (totally meaningless to me!) to our LMS and had problems along the way. I then re-published it as a TinCan (again meaningless to me) and it seemed to work for a while; however for some reason it is not registering as complete anymore, so staff can't print their certificate of completion despite passing the course. The LMS provider have looked at everything from their end and they have suggested I take a look at the course content, but to my novice eye, I can't find any issues.

I really have no idea what else I can do or how to go about fixing it, as this is all a foreign language to me; but its my job to fix it, as people pay for this course and its not a great look if its not working properly.

Can anyone please advise?

Many thanks in advance


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DeeDee Mailman

I had a similar issue a while back.  I had to ask my LMS provider how their system looks at reporting SCORM.  My provider requires 'Passed / Incomplete'  This is the only way I can make sure the score is recorded back to the LMS.  Passed means there is a 'score' required to complete the course.  'Incomplete' gives the users an incomplete status if they fail the course.  This way they can take it again in the future and if my course allow.  When you are publishing for LMS, SCORM 1.2, click the Tracking and Reporting button.  On Reporting tab- make sure you have the correct 'Report status to LMS as:' and on Tracking tab- make sure that the completion is determined by score of the quiz.  Hope this helps.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kristy!

Looks like DeeDee has popped in to assist here.

The best way to identify an LMS issue is to compare how your published output behaves in an industry-standard testing engine, such as SCORM Cloud. You can also find some helpful LMS-troubleshooting tips here.

If you are able to replicate your issue in SCORM Cloud, then this is something our team would want to take a look at and assist.