Published course in Storyline 360 will not play in IE 11

I created a software simulation with storyline 360 and it freezes or will not play in IE11. It sometimes has problems in Firefox as well. Is this because of the size of the course? The quality of the course (resolution)? Users haven't had a problem in chrome that I am aware of.




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Lauren Franza

To anyone who may be using Cornerstone LMS, after hours of working with IS, my husband actually found the cause of the issue that I was having. The LMS was overriding the browser settings by causing the browser to pretend like it was IE7. IE7 doesn't have as much support to display these files. 

There is a setting in the Availability section of Cornerstone where you upload an online course, and at the bottom it says "IE7 Compatability." I changed this to "None," and things finally started working in IE again. 

Alka Goel

Hi Alyssa, your post is 5-6 months old, wonder if a fix was released? Please could you provide an update, I am having the same problem. The Compliance course that I have build in Storyline 360 is not launching in IE11 but works fine in Chrome, we use IE company-wide. I had updated Storyline 360 to the latest version (which includes the inbuilt Text-to-speech functionality). Please could you provide an update?

Also, it seems going back to the previous version helps, how to do this and if I do this then what happens to the text-to-speech audio that I have included in the course, would that be supported? I would greatly appreciate if someone could respond. Thanks in advance!


Ian Ivey

Still having a problem with HTML5 breaking IE11 in Taleo LMS, and unfortunately publishing in Flash with HTML5 fallback means the course breaks when in Chrome, which we also use. 

Alyssa, is the issue you're discussing above now resolved in the current version (as of January 2018)? Meaning we're experiencing a different issue? Or is it ongoing?

Also, I can't find "compatibility mode" toggle in publishing options -- can you describe where this option sits?

Rik Jansen

Hello hero's.

I hope i'm in the right place here. We also got some problems with the HTML5 in IE. We publish as HTML5 only, no LMS. The problem is that in the app.js, audio controls > destroy function, there is no check for a parentElement before calling document.body.removeChild(audioElement). And he's looking for a file that is not added to the page(believe me i've checked ;)) but it excists in the array o[]. The file is in the folder the url is pointing to. The HTML5 audio element is created, just never added. Trowing a 'NotFound' error. After this no sounds will play. The users can't continue because there's a div element (class='slide-loader-overlay with-indicator') blocking the course. Not that they need to continue after no media will play again. I've got this far, but it's taken me over an hour to get all this info, while you're tech staff, in my opinion, should have found this before launch ;). I think i can find a solution in the Storyline editor, now i know what the error is all about. But the enitry idea of the editor is that we, as users, can't do anything wrong right? :).

Can you please ask youre staff to solve issues like removing none excisting childelements. The course goes on very well when i add my modifications. But i cannot do that every time (i can do it, but won't get paid for making a program we bought work right ;)).

Personaly i always use > (element.parentElement && element.parentElement.removeChild(element));.

Thank you have a nice day!



Found out that in this course they had audio on feedback master and slide master slides.

I quess that there is an reference to it, audio element gets created, but not added to the page if you use a different master/feedback master. I hope it helps someone )

Rik Jansen

Hi thanks for the response. 

I've read back my post and maybe it was a little bit negative :)

Don't get me wrong, de way the program is build, is impressive. The app.js is put together well and i'm always learning new things if i go trough it. So don't think i'm not liking the product, but is still think a check is always a MUST DO before important code gets fired. The next week i will be upgrading multiple projects from SL2 to SL360. If i find something else, i will let you know. In a nice way :)

Have a nice day

Lynn Puhr

Rik - something that I discovered in my upgrades from 2 to 360 - there are Menu restrictions that default to Restricted, Prev & Next restricted which cause the next buttons to be inactive until the timeline plays out completely.  I found that I needed to turn them off to get the same Previous/Next button experience. Thought I'd share.

Rik Jansen

Hi Ashley,

The last update was a big help. Thanks to you and you Engineers!!

Meanwhile i found another IE error, wich isn't easy to re-produce but if it occurs, the course will freeze!

It can reproduce it with allot of hover element close to each other, and when hoverd x times, the course freezes, and produces about 10 errors per second (NotSupportedError). AND it uses alot of cpu&memory. (I know having developer tools open will increase the memory&cpu usage).

In the real course it happens when the clients need to hover and select words or sentences in larger text areas.

@Lynn Puhr: I did experience some not logical (in my view) way of working within 360 + menu's and prev/next buttons. However i can work around it by setting the state of buttons manually. The menu is always disabled in the courses we create, or we build or use our own javascript driven Menu's (so you can choose wich slide is show/enabled, show hide menu etc).

Again big thumbs up for the update, i hope i could help a bit.
If so, i will continue to post when i find something!

Have a nice day,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Rik - glad the latest update was a big help! As for this hover behavior in IE freezing it, could we get a look at your .story file? Also, I assume it's IE11- do you see this in Flash, HTML5, or both? 

You can share those items by clicking here and inserting them into a new discussion comment. Look for the Add Attachment button. Thanks!

Marie McGuire

Hi Daniel!

When this issue occurred, we did have to revert back to a previous version of the software. Our team reached out to the Articulate Support team who assisted us by providing the previous version again. We ended up un-installing the software completely, and then installing the previous version provided by the Articulate Support team.  The issue was eventually fixed in a new version - so now we are working off the most recent version.  We do have to publish Flash/HTML5 in order for the courses to launch in our LMS.

Hope this helps!




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Daniel, 

This thread is a bit dated and as Marie mentioned, the issue she was having has since been corrected in an update.

You can check out all the details on all of the updates for Storyline 360 here and I would be sure that you are on the latest update.

If you're having a different issue, just reach out to our team here and share the details of what you are experiencing and perhaps a .story file to demonstrate. We'd be happy to help you out :)

Janice Richardson



The menu does not work on IE for us, works about 90% of the time on Chrome, and works perfectly on Firefox.


We're using restricted, no prev/next buttons, published flash/html5, compatibility mode disabled...

We're on v3.11.14249.0.  Our company uses IE as the default browser so it would be nice if we can get the menu option to work on IE.

Many thanks.



Alka Goel

The posts seems to be 7 months old, has there been a resolution to this issue? We are having the same issue. The Articulate Storyline 360 course will not launch in Compatibility mode, disabling compatibility view does work as a temporary fix, but some older courses require compatibility view therefore, its not a good user experience to keep switching the view for the different courses taken.