Published course keeps launching from launch page

I am working with a client who uses the LoudCloud LMS. The scorm files display in a window within the LMS and the client prefers them to be full screen. To get around this, we changed the player setting to launch the course in a new window. However, if we close the browser window in which the course is playing, it returns to the launch page that has displayed in LoudCloud and automatically launches the course again, leaving the learner in an endless loop. Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so, found a way to work around it? Thank you.

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Kelley Conrad

I have tested it and it's fine in the SCORM cloud. I told the client and they wanted to know if anyone else had encountered it within an LMS. The issue in the LMS is that the launch page stays displayed within the LMS while the course launches in another window and it then keeps launching the course.