Published file is not updating .js files properly. Holding old alternative text.

I have a Storyline 3 project that where I have changed the alternative text for a quiz feedback layer, but the published project is holding old alternative text information.  I have ensured that every state of the object's alt text has been changed.  The .js file located in the html5/data/js/6lv419eUcAE.js is where I found the alt text information that is not changing.  

I have tried taking the .story file and saving it in a new local location, saving as a new name, and publishing it to a new local location also with a different name but the published version is still holding the old information.   

The object in question is the "Correct" text box on the built in modern correct feedback layer.  The alt text originally stated "Correct, all of these could be indicators of phishing" but should now only read "Correct".  The visible cues look correct, but screen readers are still reading the incorrect alt text.  How to I force it to update?Correct State and alt textMain slide tab order

js with old alt text

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Crystal Horn

Hi Cynthia.  This is a great find -- thank you! 

I saw the same in my own file after republishing with different alt text entered in the Normal state.  I did a Save As with a new name, and I republished with a slightly different name.  I still saw the original alt text.  I closed Storyline, reopened the new file again, and republished again with a third name in the Title field of the publishing window.  I finally saw the change take effect in the .js file, and JAWS read the new alt text correctly.

I'm going to document this behavior for us to investigate why the old alt text is sticking to new output.  In the meantime, can you please test closing the file, reopening, and publishing again?  Hopefully this will give you some output that you can use while we work on the root cause.

Katie Gokhshteyn

Very sorry for the headaches this bug is causing, Cynthia.

Our team is investigating this oddity, and we promise to keep you posted as soon as new information becomes available. Here's an inside look at how we tackle bugs, and please don't hesitate to reach out if we can be of any other help in the meantime!