Published file not showing complete synced OST

Mar 20, 2018

I have a series of modules that have been converted from PowerPoint, audio added, and published.  With each of the modules, upon first publishing, there has been an issue with the playback.  When the story.html file is opened, on many of the pages, when there are two lines of text (i.e., wrapped text), only the top line comes in when it's supposed to.  The second part of the text will come in randomly after that, and it throws all of the rest of on-screen text animation out of whack.

With the previous 5 modules that I've worked on for this series, a second publishing has resolved the problem.  However, I'm now working on a module that is encountering this issue, and I'm on publish #4 and the issue has not resolved. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?  And yes I am using the latest version of SL2 and yes I am working from my local drive. :)  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie, 

Thanks for first confirming you're on the latest update and working locally. You know us well. ;-) Those two things can contribute to a lot of odd behavior - so important to cross them off the list! 

As for the behavior you're seeing, is this only with files you've imported in from Powerpoint? I'd like to take a look at one of your Powerpoint files and then try importing it into Storyline myself. Can you upload one here using the Add Attachment button?

Are you uploading the content to a particular web server/LMS? Also, what browser(s) are you using to view the story.html file? Do you know if the HTML5 output behaves any differently? 

Let me know when you can share that info, and we'll take a look at testing this out! 

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