Published file shows blank content area in Canvas, was working fine last month, nothing changed on my end

Sep 10, 2020

I use a PowerPoint template to create all of my Storyline presentations and then publish them as "Web" and use iframe tags to embed them into Canvas.

Without changing anything on my end, the content area is now appearing blank in Canvas on my recently published files, but appears normally when I view story.html from my local PC. I looked back at some files I published last month and they are working normally. Nothing changed on my end between then and now. I am using the same PowerPoint template, the same fonts, etc. Please see screenshots below.

Published today and showing blank content:

Published last month and appearing normally:

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Matt!

Thank you for sharing your file! I've tested your course in an LMS environment and also a web environment using a web server. I didn't run into any issues similar to your first screenshot, where the content is missing.

Have you reached out to Canvas to see if they've changed any privacy settings regarding iframes? Also, is there a reason why you aren't publishing the course for LMS? 

Please keep us updated so that we can continue troubleshooting towards a fix!

Katie Riggio

Hi Matt. Thanks for that detail!

Adding to the testing collection, I published the course for Web using Storyline 360 Update 43 and hosted it on Tempshare for a neutral baseline outside of another web server.

Similar to Lauren's experience, I'm not seeing any issues with the content display. A few more questions to help us sort this:

  • Could you share the iframe code you're using?
  • Does the blank content appear in all browsers or certain ones?
Matt Sheltz

See below. The blank content appears in all browsers, and ONLY appears in Canvas. Viewing the files on my local PC works fine. Do you have a Canvas instance you can use to test it? I have been doing everything, from publishing to embedding, exactly the same way for years and this issue just popped up this month. Canvas support has not been helpful.

<p><iframe src="" width="1220" height="720" data-api-endpoint="" data-api-returntype="File"></iframe></p>
Katie Riggio

Hi Matt! I appreciate the extra insight.

Are you comfortable with sharing access to your LMS? We'll do our best to see what we can figure out for you.  

If yes, I'll open a support case for you to share that detail privately. Or, you could always start one yourself through this link:

Matt Sheltz

Hi Katie,

Here is the response I received from Articulate support:

I saw the forum post where you and Katie discussed the issue. Just to make sure, I also published your file to Web and uploaded it to AWS to have a neutral baseline. It seems to work as well upon launching. I appreciate that you are willing to set up an account for us in Canvas, however, I would strongly recommend reaching out to Canvas in regards to this since your project works fine with other sources. So the issue is not with your file.

So that route appears to be a dead end. Is there a way for you to personally take a look in Canvas? Can you PM me?

Ren Gomez

Hi Matt, 

Thanks for the follow-up! Our support engineers are best-equipped to help with LMS-specific testing and can determine if it will be helpful to gain access to your LMS.

It looks like you were working with my teammate, Phil, so I'll reach out and let him know additional help is needed here. Be on the lookout for a reply soon!

Matt Sheltz

I contacted Articulate Support and Canvas Support and here is what they had to say:

Articulate Support: "As much as I would like to provide assistance with the troubleshooting but, we don't support troubleshooting issues if it is only happening on a 3rd party's environment."

Canvas Support: "Since Storyline is a third-party product we unfortunately are not able to provide direct support for the content but you may want to try re-uploading the presentation that is not displaying properly to make sure that the appropriate files are in the course. "

This leaves us as the consumers without a solution, and without any indication that a solution is being worked on. Articulate and Canvas are among the most popular providers of their respective services, and users NEED the two to work together. Frankly I am baffled that neither party is interested in making this work.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out about your posts in the E-Learning Heroes community! It appears that they were flagged as part of our spam filtering. That's why they were grayed-out or not visible to others in the community.

Our team monitors flagged posts for false positives and releases them to the community as soon as possible.

Your post is now displayed as expected and I suspect the quick copy/paste posts are what flagged the system.

For anyone following along in the overall issue, Matt is continuing to work with our team so we can better understand the issue.

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