Published files not running in Internet Explorer

Hi, I know this has been discussed before, but I cannot find this specific issue and a solution at all...

We create modules in Storyline and publish them for web or LMS.  It doesn't matter if it is published for Web or LMS, it just won't run in Internet Explorer.  It plays perfectly in Chrome, but our default browser is IE. You open it and it just sits with a blank white screen. The Flash player in IE is working fine.

We are using Storyline 2, Update 7.

Does anyone know any fixes for this?

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Susan Green

Hi Wendy, pop-up blocker is turned off, and it happens regardless of running the file from our LMS (Cornerstone) and running it directly from the Story.html file, or even the zip to email it.  Though I do notice when I look at the file structure it does say for the Story.html file that the 'type' is 'Chrome html document'.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Susan

Sounds like you have chrome set to your default browser which is why it would come up with the chrome document tag. If you right click the storyfile and open with IE (instead of chrome) does it work that way?

Have you tried uploading to Scormcloud to see if you can run it from there?

Happy to give it a go if you want to upload your published zip. I'm running IE 11.

Susan Green

I have been selecting to open it with IE and is doesn't work. It just opens a browser window with the file location in the URL and a blank white screen.  I run IE 11 too.  I'll have a look at Scormcloud (I have never heard of it!).  I have also attached the Zip file - thank you so much for your help and input I really appreciate it!