published files- offset gap between photo and border

Getting super frustrated with images and hoping someone out here can help :)

I have a course that when I publish there is an offset gap between the photo and the border (photo attached).  I have tried resetting the images and adding back the border.  I have also deleted and added back the images and added the border with no success.   There is no other effects applied to the image (shadow, etc)

Wondering what I'm missing?  it is pretty frustrating as it is every single photo in my class.

Thank you!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kristy,

It's a small shift, so it's hard for me to tell but perhaps you can - does it cut off the sides of the image or is it just adding the extra white space inside the border? The latter could be a part of the original image and just not normally seen since it's white. I've seen a few random things with images and borders before but they were associated with really specific steps such as rotating the image multiple times. Perhaps you'd be able to share the .story file here and a copy of the original image so that we could take a look and play around with it a bit?