Published Files Suddenly Not Working in LMS?

I will try to make this brief. 

Our Storyline activities are shared on a content collection through the Blackboard LMS. Essentially, I am having an issue where some activities will suddenly stop working (in most cases, you just get the loading circle but the content won't advance past 2 or 3 slides). Some of these are 2 years old and have suddenly quit working, but it's infuriatingly inconsistent as to which activities are affected and which aren't. 

  • Browser is also inconsistent. Sometimes an activity will work fine in Firefox, but not in Chrome, and sometimes vice versa. 
  • It's not consistently one version of Storyline that it's been published out of. 

It's almost as if activities are trying to run as Flash, but don't fallback to HTML5 if Flash isn't available. 

Has anyone else run in to this? Any ideas what this could be? 

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Katie Gokhshteyn

So sorry you're running into those inconsistencies, Rose. I see you're getting some handy tips here!

To add to the helping hands: if you'd like for us to test the course in another LMS environment, feel free to share the .story file with us here or privately via this link

We'll give it a test in SCORM Cloud and let you know how the activities function in Chrome and Firefox on our side!