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Aug 21, 2015


We are using both versions of Articulate Storyline (1 and 2) to produce SCORM content for our LMS (Totara).

For those created using version 2 we have recently noticed that there is a significant load time issues taking up to 20 seconds.

We choose SCORM 1.2 and check the HTML5 option.

The whole package only weights 1.7 MB and it only has 1 scene.

I've tested in SCORM Cloud and the same thing happens.

Please I need help


Jorge Vela

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jorge, 

Are you seeing the load time when opening the course once it's uploaded to the LMS or when uploading to the LMS? What browser and version are you using to view the course? You'll want to make sure that you have been viewing it in one of the intended browsers detailed here. Could you share a .story file here from SL1 so that I could try uploading it to see how it behaves and then also test out upgrading it to SL2 to see how it works. 

Jorge Alejandro Vela Alfaro

Hi Ashley, thank you for your reply

You are right, I forgot to specify. I see the load time when I open the course (SCORM Package) already uploaded to the LMS. I've set up the package (in my LMS) to open in a new window, so everytime that I open the Course, a new tab is opened and I have to wait from 15 to 20 seconds, while I see a blank page, until I see the storyline player.

I'm currently using Google Chrome (Version 44.0.2403.155 m)

I cannot attach the .story file since the size of the file is over 100MB. I'm talking about the one that works without delay. For the one that shows a delay I'm attaching the .story file (2MB).

Please help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for sharing the file here. So it's only this smaller course that has the delay - not the larger one? I upload it here to SCORM Cloud and tested it in Chrome 44 and Firefox and didn't experience any playback delays and the course launched in the new window right away.  Can you test that one for me as well? If it has difficulty loading are you able to try in a different browser and different internet network? 

nur faya


Currently having same issue here. Still not solve. I'm using Articulate Stroryline 3 to produce SCORM 1.2. Size file 18mb.

Tested in and our own LMS, it works fine, no playback delay. No loading issue. Even tested on Chrome, IE11, and Firefox and there is no issue, but when our client uploaded in their LMS, they experienced quite long loading times to launch a course.They are running it on IE11. Is it has something to do with their firewall? Since they are from banking industry. This is 8th SCORM we develop for this specific client, only this current SCORM (developed using Articulate 3) behave differently from the previous SCORM  (developed using Articulate 2 then upgrade to Articulate 3). 

Tried to delete cache from browser but does not work. Tried import to new project story file also does not work. 


nur faya

Hi Luke,

The issue is resolved. The course only can launch if we set format of the content to display in FLASH OR FLASH/HTML5. Previously, the articulate set as default in HTML5/FLASH, so we did not bother change so our client had problems to view the content if we set as HTML5 only or HTML5/FLASH. They only can view the content in FLASH Format. 


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