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I read this article and watch some videos about how to distribute an Articulate Storyline (360) project to a web site but all of them miss the most important thing. Once I downloaded the project and converted it to zip... how I can actually go to the website and upload that zip folder to the web page? I'm using Weebly, but I think that if you give me any idea of how to do it in other website I may find the solution. So far I'm stucked in the final process of this document:

How can I take that folder to my website and publish it there?

Thank you in advance.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Ramon,

Thanks for reaching out! You'll need a webserver to host the output zip files, which then you can link to your webpage.

You'll be able to find more information on that missing step in this article here. I recommend watching the tutorials by Tom Kuhlmann on hosting your files on Amazon S3 or Google Cloud. Hope this helps!