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Michael Hinze

I assume the layers are shown based on 'When user clicks object xyz' triggers. In that case you could add a T/F variable, e.g. VideoPublish with an initial state of False. You could then add triggers Show Layer abc when timeline reaches... (or when timeline ends) if VideoPublish=True. And on the last layer of a slide, add a trigger JumpToSlide abc when timeline ends... if VideoPublish=True. Then, before publishing to video, change the default value of the variable to true. It's not an easy, automatic solution, but doable.

Latoya Francis

Hi Michael, 

Thank you so much for your reply! Your solution got me thinking and I realized I could just use triggers to show a layer when the timeline is up. T/F Variables require all of my brain power to make sure im doing it right and they terrify me little lol It might be easier for some people just to do the variables like you said but using triggers to show the layer when the timeline is over and then on the last layer triggering it to show the next slide also worked. That probably wouldn't have even of dawn on me if it wasn't for your reply, so thanks again! It's a 45 minute course so you saved me big time!