Publishing a Course without an LMS


We are looking at creating a course for residents in our town that need to review certain modules to apply for certain licenses. We would like to publish this course, but not to our LMS since this population wouldn't have access to it.

To track "successful" completions I was thinking of adding a web object to the last slide of the training module that would allow the user to submit their name and info to a Google Form.

How would you recommend publishing a Storyline 360 or Rise 360 module for this specific scenario? (We do not have a subscription to at this time)

I have not tried publishing to the web yet, I just want to ensure that anyone can access this training, without needing access to our organizations' network drives or LMS.

I appreciate any suggestions!

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Walt Hamilton

You are on the right track. Publishing to the web is the option you want. Then upload to any web server you and the public have access to; the town website, for example. You upload the published folder in its entirety, and publicize the url of the index.html file.

If the town doesn't have a website, amazon's s3 service might work for you. A Google form sounds like a good way for you to hear from them.