Publishing a mobile compatible course.

Oct 18, 2016

I am working on a course which needs to be mobile compatible.

But when I publish to LMS using SL2 and access the course on smartphone, the screen cant be zoomed.Is there any way to ensure this zooming.

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Gaurav Lalwani

Page is saying: "Email the launch URL to your mobile device or add it to a web page for easy access, then launch the URL in your mobile browser. It'll briefly open your mobile browser, then it'll immediately launch the content in the Articulate Mobile Player app. That's it!"

This is not working. Every time link is getting opened in browser only.Not getting opened in articulate mobile player app

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Guarav.  If you choose Chrome, what happens?

Also, what sort of mobile device are you using?  Articulate Mobile Player is supported on the iPad with Apple iOS 7 or later, and in Android devices with OS 4.1 or later.  Is that image from an Android device?

Also, when publishing, be sure to include the Articulate Mobile Player checkbox.


If your setup matches the above, would you like to share your .story file here for testing?


Gaurav Lalwani

Hello Crystal,
I checked the Articulate mobile player checkbox before publishing and tried accessing the published file on an Andriod 6.0 device. . Yet after publishing, the link opens in the mobile browser and not through Articulate mobile player app.

Here is the .story file for testing.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Guarav!  I published your course for web and included both HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player.  When clicking the link on an Android 6.0 device that didn't already have the Articulate Mobile Player installed, the link went directly to the Google Play Store  AMP install page.  Try this link to my output:

Let me know if you see something different.  We can always get you into a support case if it isn't working properly.  Our engineers are really great, and they're happy to test as well.

Crystal Horn

Guarav, I just thought of something.  After publishing, did you load the output onto a web server?  I just wanted to be sure that you weren't just emailing yourself the launch link out of the published output folder.  That link won't go anywhere on another device without those published files being hosted on the web.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for the additional info, Gaurav.  I'm sorry this has been such a stumper!

I republished your course for LMS with Tin Can API output and subsequently uploaded it to SCORM Cloud.  We tested on 2 Android 6.0 phones that didn't have Articulate Mobile Player installed.  When clicking the link, it prompted to install the Mobile Player, but after installing, the course did not automatically launch.  When going back to the original course link, it opened a start screen in the browser but when clicked, it opened in the Articulate Mobile Player.

So we're having trouble reproducing what you're seeing, unfortunately.  I think getting into a case with our engineers for some further troubleshooting on this one would be your best course.  I'll be happy to follow along with your case as well so we're all on the same page!

Dave Cox

Hi Gaurav,

Yes, you can publish your content to SCORM 1.2. I use that all of the time with our LMS.

Most LMSs like to see the entire project uploaded complete as a single zip file. When you publish your files in Storyline, you will see a window popup that says "Publish Successful." Click the ZIP button to zip your project files. This will create the file that you need to upload to your LMS. You can then upload and run your course in your LMS.