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Michael Shannon

While you might be able to get this to work I would advise you to get a dedicated hosting account to use for sharing your files. But that's not what you asked for, so I'll try to offer the one solution that I've used before (but Google changes things frequently so keep that in mind). 

First, you'll have to change your structure a bit. Google drive will require the first page the user sees to be named index.html. So rename story.html to index.html. Now zip all of the contents of your output. Make sure that you aren't zipping a folder with the contents inside but that you are zipping the contents of the output (of course you'll leave the "mobile" and "story_content" folders as they are). Because when it is unzipped on Google Drive you'll have to have direct access to the index.html file and you won't be able to access it if it's inside a folder. 

Use the following link to upload your zip file to your GDrive account. 


The link contains a script that uploads and unzips the file into a folder, changes permissions of that folder so it can be shared using the URL it created.  Once it's uploaded you may have to "authorize" the script to run. You then should get the public link.