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matt macdonald

I setup an account with articulate online. They have a 30 day free trial, after that it is rather expensive. If you choose articulate online when you go to publish, all that you need to do is enter in your articulate online account name and password. you can sign up here


Then when you go to publish your account url will be username(whateveryouchoose).articulate-online.com.

Then enter in your email address and password for your online account and thats it.

Once you go to the account url on your ipad you just log in and select the articulate file that you uploaded and it will automatically open in the player.

Hope that helps.


Elaine Moncino

I am publishing the file to my dropbox account. When I click on the story5.html file, it doesn't open. It also does not show it in Articulate Mobile player.  Does storyline have to be on a server to play?  

Eventually, we will publish  to eCollege. Any ideas on how to do that?

Thanks !


Michael Rosenberger

I'm not sure what the exact process is, but I have done as mentioned above - selecting HTML 5 output and checking the open in Articulate Player option with download. I then FTP or transfer the whole folder to my host, server, or dropbox. There are several .html files but I have only ever sent out the link for the main story.html. When clicked on an iPad it automatically identifies the browser/device and load a IOS page and asks if you want to launch it in the Articulate Player. From there, it opens the App and loads.

Here is a quick test example:


I would be interested to know if this does not open on other iPads as I have only tested it on campus in my office.

Jennifer St. George


I'm publishing (for the web) exactly as instructed above to an internal share drive (wanted to test outside of the LMS first).  We downloaded the App but can't load anything into the Library and when we click the story.html file Safari is not opening but we're getting an error that says 'Alert, cannot open content' error.

3 questions:

1. how do we point the library to the secure location where we're uploading to test?

2. how can we get Safari to open it from that same location without getting an error?

3. can it open from a share drive or does it have to be a Web server to open it?

Elaine Moncino

The only way I was able to make Storyline work on my iPad was using the public dropbox folder.  It seems it needs to be on a server of some sort.

This post helped:

Do you have the files in the public Dropbox folder?  See the screencast in the link below for a quick tutorial:


Michelle Eiteljorge

I'm still not able to get my Storyline course on the Articulate mobile player.  I published using the Web option, checked all the HTML5 checkbox options (including the one for the mobile player), and set my destination folder as the public folder in Dropbox. Then, I copied the dropbox link and pasted it into Safari, but nothing happened--I got an error.

Any suggestions?  What did I miss?

Magda Diaz

Instead of using the DropBox link, can you just use the DropBox app and see if you can load it from there? I haven't had any problems, but I am not using links I am uploading to my own server. I can usually launch stuff into my iPad from DropBox just by navigating there with the DropBox app.

If it can't launch from there then select the "Open in Safari" option from the share icon.

BTW, my courses look great on the iPads's Retina display

Peter Anderson

Hi Liz, 

Are you choosing to publish the course for use on the Mobile Player App? If so, the course should be automatically added to your library when clicking on its published link. Here's how Storyline determines which version of your course to play. And here's more information on viewing content on your iPad. 

If you feel like you're experiencing unexpected behavior, would you mind submitting a case to our support team so we can take a closer loo at the issue? Thanks!