Publishing anomalies: articulate storyline

Hi all,

If anybody can shed light on this I'd be very grateful! So this is the scenario:

Have content published and tracking enabled via results slide; pass rate is 80%. This content is working fine. 

I open the same content but edit the passing score to be 60%. I ensure the activity ID is different and publish the content. When testing on ScormCloud no completed/passed statements are sent. 


I try a new approach. I open the original content that works and don't amend the passing percentage. All I do is change the activity ID and republish. The content doesn't work, no pass/completed statements, when testing on scorm cloud. 


Can anybody think what might be going on here? Your help and wisdom is much appreciated!





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Wendy Farmer

Hey Aaron

just playing black hat here - you've checked all the options on the results slide and also the reporting and tracking options in the publish? 

When you say published and loaded to SCORM do you mean Scormcloud or your LMS? If you want to load up the story file I'm happy to have a look for you

Wendy Farmer

Hi Aaron

just checking, your file was set to publish to TINCAN API is that correct?

I can't get it to run at all in Scormcloud with that setting and I am definitely logged in...

How does your learner exit the course in your LMS?  I don't see any 'Exit this course' trigger or 'Execute JS' to close the window?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Aaron


keep getting the above error in IE and now getting a another error in FF.  I can't seem to finish the course to log anything...when I get to the last slide, should the the MARK complete button, be clickable - its not for me.  I can't exit the course and when I close the tab and return to LMS it logs an error.

Even when I get 100% that mark complete button isn't available


Sorry I couldn't be more help - I am sure a SuperHero will come to your rescue.


Good luck

Aaron Leary

Thanks so much for taking a look. As I am using the LearnDash LMS the user has to click the 'mark complete' button generated for each LearnDash lesson. That's why there is no JS or exit button. 

Those errors above look like fairly bad! hopefully a Learning Hero can come to my rescue, although you've been very kind to help out!

Thanks Wendy,