Publishing Articulate Storyline to fit any size full screen

The teaching resources I am hoping to develop with Articulate Storyline will be embedded in to Moodle for our students to access.  Currently the completed ones I have seen in Moodle to not fit the whole screen of the computer and you are left with Moodle information on the sides of the Storyline resource.  is there a way to ensure it opens as full screen size regardless of the computer students are working on?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tracy-lee and welcome to Heroes!

Storyline doesn't have a built in full screen option, in the sense that it would take over the browser or cover up other elements of your LMS. You will want to look into what you have set for your player and browser settings as described here.  Additionally, you may want to look at your Moodle settings to see what if anything can be disabled on that end. 

There are also some community generated solutions on forcing Storyline to go full screen.