Publishing courses on Sharepoint for LMS

May 07, 2015

I am trying to publish my courses onto our Sharepoint server, but when I try to view them in our LMS, I get an error message.  I've read on a couple of other sites that there is a Sharepoint plug-in for LMS that may solve this problem.  Does anyone have any more information on this?

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Christie Wait

Hi Jacinta, I had read this discussion, but unfortunately, I think it is mostly for people who are trying to launch the courses directly from Sharepoint and/or using Sharepoint as their LMS.  I am loading the courses on Sharepoint (using the Windows Explorer method to load them), but when I point to the index_lms.html file in our LMS, it gives me an error. 

I can get regular files to work (PDF, Word docs, etc.).  It's just the Articulate files that give an error.

Jacinta Penn

I don't think it will work correctly with scorm, I think you need to publish to web. I think you only load it as scorm if you are using the Sharepoint Learning Kit. Also, one other thing to try, I noticed you mentioned pointing to the index_lms.html, perhaps try pointing to the story.html file instead? (You can rename if your LMS needs it to be called index.) Sorry I don't have a definite answer for you, just a few things to try.

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