Publishing doesn't complete

I've used Storyline before and I've never had any problems with publishing, so I don't know why any form of publishing (including running previews) either don't complete, or just pause entirely.  I have tried publishing into web, LMS, CD, Word.. none complete the publish process.

When I publish the final product, the process begins, but then the "Publish" menu box disappears.  There is no prompt of any publishing being completed.  When I access the destination output folder, the index_lms.html, player.html and XML files aren't there.  The story_content has published, the LMS folder is empty, and for some reason there is also a Temp folder which is also empty.

It fails even when I want to preview a specfic scene, or a particular slide.  Either it will preview something else, or nothing at all.

I have a full version of Storyline, but I have noticed that on load up, Storyline says I am using an older version now.  It says to download and install the latest build, but when I click on the given link, it takes me to a 404 page.  Clicking on the publish option fot HTML5 is also disabled and states "Sorry, this feature is unavailable in this Beta release."

I've tried closing all programs that are open before publishing, I've tried duplicating the presentation, I feel like I've tried everything but nothing is working.

Please help me!!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Henrik, 

Sorry about that, doesn't sound like something I've seen before. If simply relaunching the software / rebooting the machine doesn't resolve it, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using this link so our support team can assist you further.



Geert De Rycke


Have you checked how much memory your SL is actually using via the taskmgr ?

Sometimes I have the impression that when SL publishes the memory it uses is not free-up after the publication. Therefore it runs out of memory. (Max 2 GB can be adressed in a 321 bit application such as SL)

A few other posts here in the forum discuss this problem.
One of the solutions was deleting the temporary articulate files (even during publications), In my case it reduced the non-publishing to about 1/5



Henrik Svensson

Yup. We all have to be sure to have shorter file and folder names for the publishing to work. What's bad is that Storyline doesn't give any errormessage at all. It just doesn't complete the publishing.

If you guys at Articulate can replicate this properly I think it would be good if you could add some kind of error message when this happens.

David Coughanour

I found this forum post because I started having this problem suddenly just yesterday, after months of using Storyline and never seeing the issue before. 

Prior to finding this thread, I was getting past the issue simply by running the Publish process repeatedly until it finally worked. Some files took 2 tries, while others took 6 or 7.  (Strange that they would EVENTUALLY work if I just kept trying.)

After finding the post, I tried the shorter pathname approach (saved to C:\) with 5 separate files and they published on one try each time. And just for the sake of being thorough, I also tried to publish them to a longer pathname and they failed each time... EXCEPT for one that published successfully on one try no matter where I was putting the output folder. 

The first difference I can think of between that one file and all the rest is that it is the only one that has no videos embedded in it. 

I tested and was able to replicate this on other files... storylines WITH embedded videos would publish successfully on the first try ONLY at the root of the C:\ drive... storylines with NO embedded video published successfully on the first try with pathnames of any length. 

For what it's worth...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Megan!

This thread is a bit dated, but a repair is always good if you're having difficulty with the software.

If you are having difficulty with a particular file, you may want to import into a new file and see if this helps as well.

Also, you mention a time crunch and you can work directly with our support engineers here if needed.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Deb

took less than 10 secs to preview and 30 seconds to publish - no issues with the file.  Here is the published zip using your existing publish settings.  Perhaps you need to get IT to look at your PC - there may have been an update or something that is stopping the preview - do you have the latest version of flash installed.