Publishing Error

Mar 16, 2016

Can you help me to resolve this issue?  I am trying to publish to the web, then select the E-Mail option, then I get this error.  I have done this before without issues.  My client is Outlook and is the only e-mail client I have.  If it needs to be configured somehow, can you tell me how to do it?  Thanks.

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Leo Rosswill

Is it possible I answered my own question?  The error message may be technospeak for "your file is too darn big for your e-mail system".  I published a smaller file the same way and it worked.  The one above is 23 M after zipping... my Outlook is capped at around 10 M.  Next suggestion: How about plain language for error messages?  The whole program is so user friendly, why can't the error messages be the same?

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