Publishing for HTML5 versus mobile app

We have been using Presenter and wanted to be able to include HTML5 for folks that have iPads, etc.  We have purchased Storyline and after letting a couple of people try the lessons on the moible app, a couple had no difficulty, but some did - ie, didn't know their appleid, unsure about downloading an app - those kinds of questions. 

If I just don't publish with the option to use the mobile app, they go directly to the HTML5 player and it seemed to work fine.

I am struggling with why do I need to include the mobile app player.  I keep seeing that it says "the best experience is with mobile app", but I don't know what that really means.

I don't want to republish all these lessons without the player and then find out there was a (really good) reason for including the app and redoing our "how to use the site" page.

Can anyone help?

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Gerry Wasiluk

The more richer, media-intense, and non-user control at times you want the course to be, the better results you'll get with the mobile app.

As far me, right now I avoid HTML5 if at all possible, except for simple, linear, learner click next slide training.   It's not that mature a standard yet, IMVHO.