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Hi I have a customer who wants to know about how Storyline courses can work from an LMS on an iPad - I know there are a lot of discussion on this but I want some up to date information on how outputs from 360 and 2 compare.

I have Storyline 2. So my options are to publish to HTML5 or the App.

But if I publish for the App then I need to be able to use Tincan - the LMS I am using only supports SCORM1.2  

How well does HTML5 work on ipad these days? 

Are there a lot of pitfalls where stuff wont work or feedback to the LMS?

I have had a trial version of 360 which seems to have an app included in it's output - does this work on an ipad and is it more reliable than HTML5 (how does this app work)?

I am slightly confused


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lizzie,

Let's try to clear up some of that confusion and get you in the right direction! 

Storyline 2 can currently include HTML5 and/or Articulate Mobile player as a publishing option in addition to the built in Flash output. If you'll be hosting it in your LMS and need mobile output, the AMP would only be an option if you were able to support Tin Can API, and since you're not - let's just take that one off the table.  Just don't check that box when you go to publish! 

Storyline 2's HTML5 output is something that we've been consistently working on and improving and you can see that within our fixes and release notes documented here. With that being said, it's still not a full feature parity with Flash output and the chart here breaks down some of the differences and things to keep an eye on. You'll want to make sure that you're viewing the content in one of the supported browsers and devices here for HTML5, as not doing so would definitely contribute to content not working as you'd expect. 

As far as pitfalls for the HTML5 output and your LMS, I'd give it a test to be sure. Our team thoroughly tests the products before they go to market, but each LMS is a little different and varied and we're not able to test them all. We use SCORM Cloud as an industry standard testing platform and if it works there I'd expect it to work in your LMS. If it doesn't work in your LMS, perhaps reaching out to your LMS admin will help determine if there is a particular issue or element they could look into? 

Articulate 360 is a whole new ballgame when it comes to HTML5! We rewrote our entire HTML5 publishing engine and added a lot of new features in, the biggest of which based on your questions here is the responsive player. This means that you no longer would need to use the AMP to view your content on an Android or iOS device. Here's a bit more about the responsive player.

As for the app you're seeing as a part of Articulate 360, my guess is you're referring to Preso. Preso is a new tool for us, and allows for creation of narrated presentations directly on your iPad. It's a light weight authoring tool and really quick and simple to design in. Here's some general FAQs on getting started with Preso. 

Hope that helps and that things are a little less murky! Let us know if you need anything else! 

Lizzie Wakefield

Thanks for that that has mostly cleared it up - but the 'app' I am talking about on the iPad is the mobile player that appears around the content when published out of Stroyline360. NOT prezo.

I am only talking publishing elearning from Storyline to iPad. I was wanting to know which is the more cost effective 'better' option between Storyline 2 out putting to the app 'AMP' OR using 360 and outputting not needing the 'AMP'. Both involve costs our end, and the differences are a bit murky between the two options. IS the output from 360 just as stable as using the 'AMP'?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lizzie, 

If you've published for the Articulate Mobile Player in Storyline 360 it'll look something like this:

If you're publishing for HTML5 (and not using the mobile player) users will see the responsive player that looks like this:

The cost associated with Storyline 2 and Storyline 360 (as a part of the Articulate 360 subscription) are different, especially since 360 is an annual subscription - so I'd invite you to talk through your pricing needs with our Success team and they can help determine what may be most effective for you. There is no cost difference in terms of using the AMP or the responsive player on the iPad - both of those options are built into Storyline 360 and Storyline 2 will have HTML5 output in the standard browsers and/or the Articulate Mobile player.