Publishing for web - interactions only working when uploaded to server.

Nov 02, 2016

Hello people,

Im finishing off a test module that is going out for review soon.  Iv been asked to put the module onto USBs for distribution.  Im trying to give people as many launch options as possible so i have published for CD to create a windows.exe, and published to web for Chrome and Flash options. The .exe and Flash options are working fine but the Chrome (html5) only works properly when uploaded to a server. Some interactions stop working when launched in Chrome locally. Id like to include this option for Mac users that may not use Flash. Is this normal behaviour or should the module work in the same fashion locally as when its launched from a server? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Dave Cox

Hi Patrick,

Thanks to the new security in Chrome, Chrome will not play flash files located on the local file system any more. Only those from a server (an http:// URL). Other browsers (IE, Firefox) should not have this problem. Since the default output of Storyline projects depends heavily on flash, this will only play on devices with the flash player. If you don't have the flash player, then the HTML5 content will play, assuming you checked HTML5 when you published.

Dave Cox


You are still coming up against flash security. Flash security was originally designed in such a way that says if you publish for the web, the your files are only allowed to play from a web resource and not from the local file system. If you publish for the local file system, then flash can run from the local file system, but not from a web resource. This has been a rule in flash from the beginning, and browsers are now tightening their restrictions on this.

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