Publishing: HTML5/Flash or Flash/HTML5

Jul 24, 2018


Within the company I work for, we've been having issues deciding which way to publish files. Based on this article on Adobe Flash Player, we have assumed that until now, we should be publishing files in HTML 5/Flash. However, we have a global footprint and it seems that not all of our learners are able to open and view the training modules that we develop if we publish it that way. My question is this: We have a large archive of modules that have already been updated to HTML 5/Flash but we are now instructed to publish in Flash/HTML 5 too allow access globally. Will Flash/HTML 5 still work when Flash goes away by 2020? 

I'd like to bring concrete information to my supervisor and allow them to hear/see from a credible source at Articulate that all of our learning modules won't become inactive by the time this all happens.

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