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Anyone can help me about some query for Articulate Storyline publishing in HTML5 and iPaid, when I published the course in HTML5 and iPaid, the published build doesn’t play on ipaid, it’s require Articulate player to install on iPaid,

But I want to play it’s on iPaid without installing Articulate player on iPaid,

Is it possible, please guide me.  

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Santosh,

It sounds like you don't want learners to view the course using the Articulate Mobile Player, but instead you want them to see the HTML5 version when they view your course on an iPad - is that correct? If so, then when you publish, you should unmark the box that says "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" on the Publish window. But leave a checkmark in the box that says "Include HTML5 output." That way, if learners view your course with an iPad, they'll see the HTML5 content.

You might like to check out this article which gives a little more detail on how Storyline decides which version of your content to display, depending on the user's device and browser.

Jeanette Brooks

Yes, to Russ's point, there are some inherent limitations with HTML5 may affect the way your content looks. Another good resource is this article, which shows how each type of output (Flash, Articulate Mobile Player, and HTML5) handles the various Storyline features you might choose to incorporate in your course.

Prashant Bhagwat


I hope, I'm writing on correct thread.

I'm not able to see html5 output on iPAD, is there any specific reason. I'm just getting the play button, on clicking it the first slide audio gets started and nothing is displayed on screen.

Note: My project contains in-build illustrations, audio, basic check-box interaction.

Colleen Morris

Hi Jeannette,

Thanks so much for your help and explanations!  We recently purchased Articulate Storyline and are developing content that can be viewed in a mobile environment.  We have tested on the Ipad and it works perfectly with the mobile player.  My question is why can't it play on the IPhone?  Is it not supported?  Or should I republish without the "use mobile player on ipad option"?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Colleen! Glad to hear you're liking the Articulate Mobile Player on your ipad! Currently the mobile player is really only optimized for iPad use, so if you'd like learners to be able to view your content on an iPhone, you'll want to include HTML5 output when you publishThis way, your learners can use mobile Safari on their iPhones to view the content. Be aware, though, that not all features are supported in HTML5, so you'll want to check out this article before you design your course, to make sure it looks & behaves the way you expect.

Steve Flowers

Hi, Mindy - 

I have slides working with audio in HTML5 from Storyline. There are some strange constraints when publishing to HTML5 related to Safari Browser limitations on the device. 

Here's what I've tried to avoid / follow when targeting HTML5:

- Never try to use multiple audio files or any combination of audio and video on a slide (from separate files). The browser seems to get confused and is unable to play more than one channel.

- Hide the scrub bar. It's trouble. I think this has something to do with the way the browser handles audio (it's a booger) but it could be a problem on Storyline's publish side.

- If I have a lot of synchronized visual and audio elements, I like to sync and package these separately as video for reliable playback.

- Always start or load a slide with a user interaction, never with an automatic transition. To play media, the browser requires a tap navigation cue. I think it's best not to include audio on the first slide, but I think this is debatable (I've seen less problems with audio over the course of my use of the file avoiding audio in the first frame -- it could just be a foolish superstition)

I'm not a huge fan of HTML5 on the iPad. It's kinda poorly implemented. Better than IE7 and 8, but still pretty poor

There are quite a few things that work really well without much fuss. Audio and video can work well but it takes special attention to make things load.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Mindy! Steve shares a lot of helpful tips, and as he mentions, although Mobile Safari has some constraints to be aware of, many folks are using HTML5 output quite successfully. When you say your output isn't working at all, that feels like there is something wrong that we should take a look at. If you continue to have trouble, would you be able to submit a support case so that a support engineer can help troubleshoot?:

Aileen Lynch

Hi All,

I am having a similar issue. We are publishing to html5 and NOT for the iPad in efforts for students to access the information via their browser. When I view it on my desktop computer it works fine, but when attempting to view it on my iPad is states that Safari could not open the page because the address is wrong. When I attempt to view it on my iPhone it appears that it is loading, but then gets hung up with only half the page displaying. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Lionel Chan

Not meaning to be rude, but I think Articulate needs to remove "Mobile Safari in Apple iOS 5.0 or later on iPad" compatiblity for HTML5 on this page:

If a slide with a single audio track or single mp4 track can't be played consistently on IPad Safari, I don't think that can be considered compatible.

So far the only consistent success I've had with HTML5 Storyline output is on a Mac or PC, where Flash works just fine anyway.  For me, HTML5 output is almost useless.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Lionel, not sure what behavior you're seeing, but audio in HTML5 content will not play when the slide has been reached via an auto-advance. This is because Mobile Safari does not allow audio to play unless it is initiated or triggered by the user. (This is a limitation of Mobile Safari, unrelated to Storyline.) You can learn more about the various features of Storyline and how they behave in HTML5, Flash, and the Articulate Mobile Player on this page. If you're seeing additional behavior that's unexpected, would you mind submitting a support case so that we can investigate and troubleshoot? Thanks so much!

Lionel Chan

Hi Jeanette, thanks for your reply.

Ah, I didn't notice the extra information with the hover over highlighted dots, my bad!

Yep, audio and video does not consistently playing (it does sometimes) on a slide when reached by auto advance is the behaviour I'm seeing, on both unsupported Nexus7, and supported iPad, and non-officially supported iPhone, when using HTML5.  For my purposes unfortunately it does not suit to have slide transitions/media playing trigger manually.

As far as it being a limitation of Mobile Safari, a came up with a solution whereby I replaced story_html5.html with the output from a different publishing software where slide transitions and audio does occur by themselves, but doesn't have all the feature of Storyline.  So I get the best of both worlds - if the user has Flash, it gets full featured Storyline, if on anything else (usually on a smaller screen anyway), it uses the HTML5 from the other publisher where the simplified options is actually an advantage.

Lucia Salters


I published my Storyline project for client for Web and HTML 5 for iPad use. Some people are able to view it on their iPads through Articulate Player, but most cannot. They get a blank screen or "access denied" screen. Should they be linking to the html file rather?\

Should I be publishing differently?

There is no audio - only 1 screen with a Flash intro on.



Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lucia - it sounds like the location where you're hosting the content might be restricted to some users - is that possible? You're welcome to submit a support case and provide the URL of the published output that you are sending to your clients... that way we can help you troubleshoot. Thanks!