Publishing In "Story View" Causes Style Issues

Nov 18, 2021

Hi there, I've come across a very wild bug that's taken me weeks to nail down.

I'm posting it here so that others may find the solution if they happen to run into this problem, but also as I don't know where to report bugs.


Simply put, when we publish the course while looking at the Story View tab in Storyline,   the buttons within our course have their text offset upwards by about half a line.

If we publish while looking directly at a slide, this issue does not happen.

Here are two publishes I've made of a simple project that reproduces the issue:

Published looking at a slide:

Published looking at Story View


As well, I've attached the repro project so anyone can test this on their end.

I'm using the latest Storyline 360 at the time of writing. Thats (v3.57.26476)

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