Publishing interactions / communicating to LMS while viewing the course

Aug 05, 2016


I have created a quiz in storyline2 and published in SCORM 1.2 with resume option and completion message as passed/incomplete.

My question is that i am noticing that the quiz interactions are being sent/recorded in LMS ( Moodle) only when I close the content window. I know that in captivate when I select the option " send interaction data at every slide" , the data is saved in the same LMS after each or every couple of slides. Hence the LMS does record while the user in progress but i am unable to find any option in STORYLINE2 to enable this.

Can you please advise how I can send interaction/tracking data to LMS as the user is progressing through the course. The reason behind this is if users forget to close the window after completing the course , their progress is not stored.

Worst Case alternative : I could provide a close button at the end and explicitly have the user close it. 

Thanks for your help


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vini,

Storyline is communicating with your LMS throughout the course and should be sharing information on each slide in terms of where the user is, if utilizing question slides sending the score or answer, etc. There isn't a setting to change what/when Storyline is communicating. If you wanted to see what was being sent you could enable the LMS debug mode as described here. 

Storyline will send the following data from quizzes to your LMS. 

Other data such as the location in the course or the value of variables is included in the resume data - and that it is either handled by your LMS or held within a Flash cookie as described here in the resume behavior. 

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